Building Owners

United has completed numerous projects working directly for the ownership, that provided noticeable changes in the way the space operates, as well as the efficiency of the systems. Working directly for a building owner allows us to create a relationship and directly obtain feedback about how our changes affect everything from comfort of occupants to the cost of operating the facility.


What is TAB?

Test and Balance at it’s simplest is optimizing the HVAC system to work as designed. Do you have hot or cold spots? Units that run continuously and never satisfy? Using our specialized instruments we come in and work with what you have already installed to provide the right amount of airflow to all the spaces served by your HVAC systems.

Existing Buildings

Every project is different, so for best results contact us and let’s discuss what is best for you. Below are some things we have done in the past with building owners.

  • Audit – Let us come look at your building, take some readings and discuss your options, don’t waste your money on something that isn’t necessary.
  • LEED Accreditation – Outside Air Flow Measurements, Re-Commissioning
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Yearly Inspections for TDH (Hospitals)
  • Pressurization Readings (Hospitals and Labs)
  • Yearly Fume Hood Inspections (Velocity and Tracer Gas)

Multi-Location - National Chains

If your company has multiple locations, then we are the firm for you. United has completed work nationwide, and we have specially equipped technicians that can travel. Hiring one Test and Balance firm for all of your locations standardizes the quality and reporting that will receive. United has experience in all aspects of construction and can go above and beyond the HVAC systems. Below are some things we can offer:

  • Test and Balance
  • Commissioning
  • Building Envelope Testing
  • Pre-Grid Inspections
  • Smoke Capture Testing
  • Accessible online reporting database to track issues and progress
  • Project Managers assigned to your project from start to finish

By standardizing a contractor nationwide, you can offload some of your QA/QC concerns. Our technicians are experienced, and spend time in all areas of your building. We are able to QC different aspects of your project, and provide the store operator/manager with valuable insight on how to maintain and manage their HVAC systems. Below are some national chains that our technicians have been involved with:

  • RaceTrac
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • HEB
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Salad and Go
  • Dutch Brothers


As Test and Balance contractors, it is our job to make your vision come to life. We take what is on paper and make it a reality. Obviously not every job goes smoothly, not every piece of equipment can be installed exactly how it is shown, but our expertise and experience can help to still achieve the designer’s intent. United is an Independent Certified firm focused on quality. Our technicians go through a comprehensive online training program to ensure that they know the right way to complete a project. We go to great lengths to ensure the appropriately certified personnel are on your projects. 

Straight Spec Another Firm?

United believes that Test and Balance firms should be chosen on ability and price. It has never been our mission to be the ONLY Test and Balance firm specified by an engineer. Our certifications and experience should give you the peace of mind that we are capable of performing the project as it was intended. Contact us for a sample report, and submittal.

Different Certifications

We have found that a lot of the prejudice requiring a specific certification are outdated, or meant to stop a particular firm. We go above and beyond the items requested in the different procedural standard and provide a similar report to the AABC requirements. Additionally, in lieu of the AABC “Total Balance” that involves a limited checkout of controls, we can provide a complete Building Systems Commissioning. We have even partnered with another Cx Firm to provide an independent NEBB/ACG Building Commissioning at a competitive price.

General Contractors

Our experience with General Contractors has taught us a lot about their values. Every GC wants to deliver a quality product, on time and under budget. United also shares these values, and has a reputation for delivering them. By partnering with the General Contractor money can be saved, and scheduling can be improved.


United strives to provide the greatest quality. Our balance engineers are trained and certified ensuring that your project is in good hands.

On Time

Our firm is setup to handle both large and small projects. We have been involved in some of the largest projects in the nation, and understand what it takes to deliver a project of that magnitude on time. Our small projects team is ready when you are. Although we would love to have a two weeks notice, we understand that is not always possible. and we will work within the time that we are given.

Under Budget

Our advanced technology and training has allowed for us to price projects more competitively than other firms, and having a history of success on larger projects our pricing goes down and not up the larger the project.


United has insurance to fit most every project. We can also obtain bonding for an additional 5% of the project total as needed. Below are a few bullet points for our insurance coverage.

  • $5 Million – Umbrella
  • $2 Million – General Liability
    • $1 Million – Per Occurrence
  • $1 Million – Auto Liability
  • $1 Million – Workers Compensation

Company Info

  • Legal Name: United Test & Balance, Inc.
  • License#: UNITETB886NB
  • UBI: 603 225 406

Mechanical Contractors

United is seeking lasting partnerships to provide a competitive advantage and generate greater value. We know that hiring a Test and Balance firm can sometimes feel like a nightmare. They come in, spend five minutes on your project and walk off because the carpet is the wrong color. United is different than the average Test and Balance firm, we want to see your project completed just as badly as you do. We will work with you to close out issues, and get the project completed. Whether this is your first time hiring a Test and Balance Contractor, or you have been using the same firm for the last 30 years, United will help make the experience as good as possible.

Projects Completed Quickly

Our large team of Project Managers have the training, knowledge, and experience to meet your project scheduling needs. Our specialized Quick Response Team focuses on starting projects immediately and accelerating delivering of final TAB reports.

Effortless Project Management

Our Project Manager training goes beyond actual test and balance work. Assigned PMs specialize in resolving issues and providing timely project communication and updates designed to expedite project completion.

Expand and Grow

We provide the same quality of service regardless of project location. United works with several customers who are in multiple or expanding to market locations. Our Mobile Project Team specializes in performing military and government projects anywhere in the US. As your firm expands and grows you can incorporate United to new areas.

Get Paid Faster

With state-­of-­the-­art test instrumentation and seamless electronic data collection, final report delivery time has been reduced from weeks to hours accelerating receipt of progress and retention payments.

Be More Competitive

Send or post your bid list or simply email a bid request. United will provide timely competitive TAB pricing your estimating department can rely on bid day.