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Test & Balance



United Test & Balance Inc. was founded in 2009, by Steven Burns P.E.. The company was founded with the intention to bring the expertise and experience gathered from over 20 years in the mechanical engineering/contracting world to an industry ripe for change. Initially all work was done under Steve’s P.E. stamp, but as specifications changed, and demand increased United obtained additional certifications.

United performs our services in accordance with the project specifications and applicable standards. It is our intent to optimize the performance of the systems, while delivering what the engineer specified. A successful project is one that is delivered on-time, under budget, and with systems operating as intended. 


Test & Balance

United was built around Test & Balance, and it is still our primary focus. Using the latest in instrumentation and reporting, we are the best choice for your project.


Having seen projects from multiple sides, United is suited to be an excellent Owner's Rep. Ensuring the project is completed with the end user in mind is our goal.


Building Envelop Testing or Blower Door Testing, is a LEED option that can ensure your building is operating efficiently. United has the equipment and expertise to self-perform.


The only way to ensure that your system is properly installed prior to start-up and insulating the ductwork, which can be too late to correct any deficiencies in most cases.

Fume Hood (Lab)

Following the ASHRAE 110 guidelines, United knows the specifications, and has the expertise to test your critical environments and ensure personnel safety.

Kitchen Hood

One of the biggest energy cost for a restaurant is the Kitchen Hood, and how it affects other systems. United knows how to test, and optimize your kitchen systems.

Additional services and details can be found by contacting us, more information will eventually be available online.


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